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The year was 1974, April 1st.   Vermont was getting ready to go into a recession.
This the time to start a business . . .
Starting the business from home, W.G. Russell Supply Corporation was born, knowing that if one could make it through the tough times the business would grow.
Russell Supply soon had inventory arriving and moved into the railroad station in Waterbury, Vermont. After spending the cold winter in the railroad station with no heat, the business moved to Burlington, Vermont. With two more moves, on February 26, 1990, we moved into our present 10,000 sq. foot building located at 9 Gregory Drive in South Burlington.
Bill Russell also knew that if customers and employees were treated with genuine respect and letting them know that their needs were important, together a team would be formed to move forward. With that philosophy in mind, we never compromise on the quality, service and overall value that we provide to our customers.
We are dedicated to the continued improvement of our product lines that we represent while utilizing innovative approaches and the highest levels of technology to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.
Please enjoy browsing our site as we have prepared a tour that includes the product categories, with many factory links on thousands of products. Vermont links and a feedback to us so we may serve you.
Thank you for visiting our site and please let me know if I may be of service to you.
William G. Russell

October 2, 2020


Although Mr. William “Bill” Russell is gone from our sight, he will never leave our hearts.

He is missed every day at the store but we still honor his memory by carrying on with his dream of great service and product.

January 7, 2021

Time for a change…                                                                                                                                               

We are sorry to see Mr. William “Bill” Hoy retire after 48 years of service to Russell Supply (4/1/74 to 4/1/2022) but he was ready and Russell Supply need a succession plan in place.  That is were NEFCO Corp. came in.  The fall of 2021 NEFCO approached Bill Hoy about a possible purchase which would mutually benefit both companies in the long run.  Things just fell into place from there and now Russell Supply stands here ready to support the community.  We will still have our standard core of machinery, power tools and accessories but now with NEFCO’s buying power and S.H.A.R.P. (strut, hardware, anchoring, rod, pipe hangers) inventory at our disposal.  This will be a time of adjustment for all but our commitment to support the community with quality tools and customer service stand first and foremost.

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